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Flavor|Scent: Cotton Candy

Your fave self-care essential just got a nifty makeover as a phone accessory. Attach this compact mirror and lip balm on the back of your phone in case of chapped lip emergencies! Delight your pout with sweet-flavored smooches featuring vanilla bean, cotton candy, and watermelon. Made with coconut oil, grape seed oil, beeswax, and all-natural ingredients. Every balm comes with an adapter that you can directly attach to your phone or stick it to your pop socket for extra functionality. Never scour the depths of your purse just to pull up a lippie because you’ll always have Happy Lips at hand. Its food-safe aluminum mirror comes in handy for quick selfie checks so you can pucker up confidently for every photo op!

Now you can have your Happy Lips anywhere you want! Peel and place the included adapters' vinyl adhesive to any flat surface and snap on/off the lip balm container. Can attach to your lap top or phone socket.

  • Collapsible Socket Phone Grips are not included.
  • Happy Lips - lip balm containers snap on/off your Phone Grip.
  • Your Phone Grip functions as normal with Happy Lips lip balm attached.
  • Made entirely in the USA!
  • The Lip Balm smells delicious and contains no: petrochemicals, sulfites, gluten, artificial colors or chemicals.
  • Inside the lip balm container lid is a food grade safe aluminum mirror.
  • Is not compatible with gemstone, glitter, mini or other non-standard Phone Grips