{Meet The Team}

Andy Rodgers » Owner and husband to the girl with the dreams. We tell him that he is the boss...CEO of making stuff happen. Andy works behind the scenes to make all the things function and he ROCKS it. He also provides comic relief when needed which always keeps us laughing. He is our master carpenter and muscle. Brains and brawn...yes!!! Ultimately Andy loves the Lord and leads the team so well.

Ashley Rodgers » Owner and the actual boss. This girl is gifted with endless ideas and is always ready to bring those ideas to life. She has a heart for Jesus that shines so brightly, so it’s no surprise that even as a shop owner she would want to build relationships that point to HIM. What has been a distant dream for many years, the Lord is now bringing to fruition as He writes this beautiful story. Ashley keeps us all in line. She has such vision and we can’t wait for you to experience the sweet gift that she is.

Kasey Ragle » Shop nerd and official sounding board. Kasey is gifted in multiple ways, and his love for the Lord is evident in how he serves others faithfully. Kasey helps us maintain our website and our sanity. He oversees all things technology. Much more than just tech support, he works behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. Ladies who like to shop online in your pjs, Kasey has hooked you up!

Laticia Ragle » Director of Marketing and Ashley’s right hand gal. She is the crazy one with tons of energy and charisma. Everyone who meets this girl never forgets her. Though she is great in front of the camera and behind the camera, she is also content with the behind the scenes stuff. She loves big and prays even bigger. And this team would not be complete without her big heart and her attention to the details.