Faith Questions - Is The Bible Trustworthy? Booklet

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Is the Bible trustworthy? How can we trust the accuracy of these books? How do we know who wrote them? Who decided which books would be included? How can we understand books written by those who lived in a culture so different from our own?

If you have felt any of this, know you are not alone. Most readers of God’s Word stumble into these thoughts from time to time or are even plagued by them regularly.

The Bible is a beautiful, mysterious, educational, and complex book. The timeline of the story stretches from before the world’s creation through its fall and future restoration. Christians often expect to instantly understand God’s Word the moment they open the cover and can grow frustrated or defeated when they discover passages that are difficult to decipher.

This booklet will:
- Break down the structure, history, accuracy, and the purpose of the Bible.
- Walk through perceived errors in the Bible
- Answer difficult questions like, “What if I don’t trust the Bible?”
- The whole Bible is about how God provided a way to redeem and restore us back to Himself.

Through this booklet, our prayer is that you will remember that God desires to have a relationship with you.

This booklet measures 5.5” x 8.5”, making it easy to fit in a bag for on-the-go use.